India Tours package - Aditya Tours (Medical Treatment Organiser) offers special Medical Treatments on tour packages with lowest price & best services    

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Medical Tourism India

Medical Treatment in India

In India Medical healing not only comprises of the contemporary and efficient treatments but alongside the much-required traditional treatments in yoga and ayurveda, which renovates the complete being. And what more we will ask for if all this comes with a travel package, which will allow you to enjoy while you get treated.

Many well-heeled people come to India from developed countries to get themselves treated from such therapies.

Though the Indian health care system is raising refined and easy treatments along side development of Indian tourism with it, the degree of medical proficiency in India is vast which advances the industry even more.

Aditya Tours offers online booking for Medical Treatments in India. Holidays cum Medical Treatment Packages are available here on your demand.

Medical Treatments in India
We offer various packages of General Medical Treatment
Physicians consultation
Surgical consultation
Ophthalmologist consultation
Gynaecologist consultation and papsmear

Blood grouping and Rh typing
Blood sugar fasting & PP
Lipid profile
Liver function test
Serum Calcium & Phosphorus
Blood Urea, creatinine, uric acid
Serum protein, Albumin, Globulin, A/G Ratio
Urine Analysis
Stool- Ova Cyst
Stool for Occult Blood
Chest X Ray P A View
Ultrasound Abdomen
Bone Densitometry
US$ 100
US$ 110
US$ 125
US$ 115
US$ 145
US$ 155

This Package provides all this given below:-
Physician’s consultations, Diet counseling, Stress management, Fitness and weight management, Preventive health counseling, Eye check-up, Ent check-up.


Complete haemogram*, Urin (R&M), Stool (R&M,OB)

Bio Chemical:-

Blood Sugar (F&PP), Electrolytes Na/K/Ca/Cl, Thyroid panel (T3,T4,TSH), Liver function tests**, Lipid Profile***

General :-
ECG , Chest X-Ray.

    *Hb, TLC, DLC, ESR, Haematocrit, Platelet count, PCV, MCV, MCHC, Peripheral       Smear.

  **SGOT/SGPT/GGT/Alkaline Phosphatase / Bilirubin Total & Direct / Lactate       Dehydrogenase/ Serum Protein/ AG Ratio.

***Total Cholesterol / LDL-c / HDL-c / VLDL-c / Triglycerides.

Cost of the above package is: US$ 95 only.
Adolescent health package below 15 yrs. age US$ 35 only (with almost same services as above).

Complimentary breakfast , Prior Appointment necessary , Kindly bring morning sample of urin and stool ,collect sterile containers a day in advance , Kindly wear comfortable clothes and footwear.

The quotation for serious diseases like transplantation of liver, kidney, knee, hips and heart surgery, valve change and other problems will be given immediately on the receipt of treatment inquiry. So, please tell us full details of the patients.

Medical Treatments in India
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